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2013-11-13 08:49:11 by Alldin

Hello everyone!

Last time I said that I worked on a Reebok commercial and also about to work on a energy drink commercial.
Good news is that they said yes for the White Tiger Energy Drink idea I had, and I'm almost done with that commercial.
Hopefully will be done by this week, so much to polish !

Anyway, while I was working on the Reebok I did also work on a commercial for GORE-TEX.
They had a new product coming out, so I got the opportunity to do visual effects on the commercial.

Im responsible for creating:
Particle effects, snow particles, wind/snow gust, snow debris.
Credits to the team who worked on the 3D models, rendering, light setups, recording, editing, compositing.

Here is the GORE-TEX PRO commercial:



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2013-11-14 07:36:35

I don't like the material itself (it's too durable, it never really deteriorates!) but this was a cool commercial. Wonder how much you earn for stuff like this? Commercials seem like a pretty lucrative business.

Alldin responds:

Well I never tried the material itself, I just did my job ^^ Eearn money for commercials depends if you work fulltime or freelance, atm im freelancing project based. Good thing about freelancer is that you can decide the budget you need for your work. But I am lookin for fulltime job. =)


2013-12-04 09:12:40

No numerical revelations huh? :D I actually did some commercial work myself since posting this comment, a few lines in a cellphone commercial. In the end it's up to the main company if the product is accepted or not; my paycheck greatly varies depending on them, 500kr if nothing happens with it, 4000 if it does get accepted. Not so bad for less than an hours work. :)

Alldin responds:

It can depend what position you are in the team or project =) Visual Effects "VFX" artist are pretty expensive for high-end VFX movies. But it all depends also on your skills, a VFX artist minimum salary price can be somewhere 40.000 to 45 000 kr, but thats just minimum. Sometimes depends how big the project is and if you are dealing with monthly salary or project based. =) A normal price can get somewhere 50 - 65000kr !


2013-12-10 06:52:03

That's a whole other level of income! :O So projects like this are usually based on hourly wage, not flat fees? How long time do particle effects like the above take to arrange? Anyway it sounds like a great occupation. :)