Busy days!

2013-02-27 17:57:31 by Alldin

It's been a very busy month, doing 3 freelance jobs at the same time.
But I finally managed to get the hardest one done yesterday.

Doing visual effects for:
- Commercial premiere to a club that's celebrating its "20th Jubilee". Big event !
- Live show to a band so called "Think People" in Australia, visual effects being projected.
- And a intro to a show so called "Pearl of Persia".

The commercial is done, which has been lots of work for complicated shots.
Although I'm more into doing full CG animations than live action footage.

Deadline is this week, and I've put about 12 - 16 hours work every day almost entire February.

But that's for me now, hopefully I'll have time to start on something new and breathtaking projects =)

Take care fellas!


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2013-03-04 15:46:49

How does it feel to have like 60 new fans over night

Alldin responds:

Im so surprised that they like this kind of stuff Im uploading.
Although these two videos I uploaded were created before. So right now Im planning
for something bigger, more breathtaking, or something.

Not sure what Newgrounds wants to see from me =)


2013-03-05 00:54:00

Your stuff is amazing, bro. Keep up the excellent work!

Alldin responds:

Thanks bro, more to come ! =)