2013-03-12 09:44:07 by Alldin

Alright nice I managed to get all projects done, I mentioned before about doing 3 projects with a brutal deadline.
Thankfully I got em all done !

I got some rest, right now doing some R&D (Research and development), perhaps learn new tweaks for FX =)

Once again thanks Newgrounds and you people for all comments and likes for The Ghost Pianist.
Im surprised how I managed to get 40,000 views in one week while my YouTube account has 14.000 views in 2 years.

So this is the right place to demonstrate some cool stuff for ya guys! =)

Here's a quick render I made in couple hours, just having fun working with 3D Studio Max =)

looks like germs to me... not sure what I was thinking while creating this lol.



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2013-03-12 10:26:18

Hahaaa ! You Are My Hero! LOL


2013-03-13 02:05:39

That's a gorgeous render. I love the tiny motes of dust.


2013-04-08 06:26:31

Looks like an incredibly round cauliflower to me. Nice!