Back again! Commercial!

2013-08-15 09:41:27 by Alldin

It's been a while fellas!
Happy to see over 200 fans on my Newgrounds account, u guys are awesome!

I've been busy the past months with freelance VFX jobs.
I got the opportunity to work on 2 projects, one of them is a Reebok commercial !
I'll let you know what the other project was once I get permission from my boss.

I was responsible for creating:
Liquids, splashes, particle effects, steam, simulations, dynamics.

Right now I'm waiting for a company to approve my idea of storyboard and design for a commercial.
If they approve, I'll be working on a commercial for White Tiger Energy Drink !

Anyway fellas, for those who wants to see the Reebok commercial, just follow the link!

Back again! Commercial!


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