Animation done & reel update.

2014-02-01 10:06:47 by Alldin

And so I got my commercial for "White Tiger Energy Tiger" finally delivered. I believe the commercial is planned to be on TV between March or April for a month or two. It's just a 15sec add. It may be short but it's all CG, the content of the seconds is what takes time to create. Shortly after the commercial is out, I'll upload a "Making of" for those who like to see how it was created! =) I updated my showreel where you guys can check out some clips from the commercial. I'll post a screenshot and a link here to my reel.4496999_139126704823_Scene01__00060_00000.png Showreel 2013:


Take care! =) Showreel 2013Alldin DautiVimeo



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