White Tiger making of!

2014-03-24 21:14:58 by Alldin

I recently released the "White Tiger" commercial on my previous blog.
I thought now to show people a "making of" the commercial, for those who wish to see the process.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Enjoy :)


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2014-03-24 21:49:38

Did you us Maya or 3D Max for the animation and was After Effects also used?

Alldin responds:

I used 3Ds Max for the animation and After Effects for the compositing.


2014-03-25 14:49:16

Very well done man. Clean and professional work.

Alldin responds:

Thank you buddy =)


2014-03-28 12:48:34

Your very welcome, I hope someday I can get back into working with Max or Maya.