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very ambitious project my friend ! 5 stars! =D

love it =)

yep that was me when Halo 4 came out... ^^

Love ninja gaiden games, and yes it's THIS hard !! =D


I might now take my time and write a review about it and giving my thoughts about the
Castle series.

I know that the Castle series started as a stick figure during the first two episodes.
The 3rd chapter started the voice acting, telling the story, demons showing up.
I like the way you keep it black/white/grey colors and how you integrate the Swift 3D models
with Flash. The theme of Castle series is really good, even if they are actually stick figures.
The backgrounds of the castle towers are gorgeous, and its a nice touch that you add shadows/light sources to the characters... even the blood. You have a good artistic side.

I will judge the animation in two sections. The first one is characters, they are animated stick figures. They are not really animated, but more likely motion-tweened FBF, the frame rate is good though. The mouth animations are synced pretty good. The second part are the creatures/demons.
You have a good look on them visually, but I can spot that you are not really taking the time to actually animate them FBF alot. It can be spotted during Part A when they transform to a beast, motiontweened shapes. But as soon they go fullbody FBF theres lack of details at that point. I dont really see much full FBF animations/rotations of the creatures. If I may put it this way, you are more into (still shots) rather than animating.

I wont go much in to the story, it's a series, so ill let it finish first !
As far I can say for now is that it's well written, still mysterious but it will be interesting
to see what will happened next time.

I can tell you here Oscar that music and sound FX are the ones you really put good time
to combine to the theme of the Castle series. I absolutely love every moment.
My fav voice actors would be Etrius and Mullins, I like their voices and they act good.
I find it a bit funny when the doctor sais (-We have to get out of here !!) during Part III-C, it reminds
me of Arnold Schwarzenegger.. LOL.

I can spot that you are very good when it comes to backgrounds, details, and sound FX.
You have some creative ways to spice up the moments, and I know that Flash movies are limited when it comes to adding more atmosphere. You have done some amazing job when it comes to the design of the series and creating the evil demonic theme to it. I'm aware that there's a lot of layer work when it comes to the series, specially that it's all flash. This could be a movie someday, who knows? Now that you are doing some work with 3D Studio Max, you might even take it to the next level with the renderings.

Well done Oscar and the entire Deletion Quality team!

// Alldin Dauti

The humor... is just... amazing !

love this stuff ! =D

hahah amazing !

What can I say,... makes me laugh everytime :D

Good work on the animation =)

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