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Thank you!

2013-02-20 08:22:03 by Alldin

I can't believe that my work "Flow: The Beauty of Ink" made it to the front page! =)
Makes me happy to see that people actually likes it.

I'm aware that Newgrounds is a flash website, but deep inside as a flash animators myself
think that Newgrounds animators need to see something new and inspiring =)
We'll see what I will be uploading next !

For those who are reading this, do you want to see more "Flow" videos?
Maybe combine Ink and other elements? If so, please comment!

Thank you Newgrounders !
You're awesome ! :D

Thank you!

Hello Newgrounds!

2013-02-16 13:25:04 by Alldin

Hi Newgrounds !
So I finally decided to join Newgrounds aswell...

Who am I?
- I'm Alldin Dauti, 24 years, Visual Effects Artist from Sweden.
I've been animating and working with Flash/3D/VFX for about 8 years.
I still do flash animations time to time to finish the final episode of the "Nozox Series".
My way of working with flash animations is not through SWF, but in .Mov videos.
I like to spice up flash cartoons =)

I have a variety of skills when it comes to CG, so I thought maybe to share some of
my work here on Newgrounds now that it's possible to upload movie files.

I'll be uploading here shortly =)

Hello Newgrounds!