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I'm a VFX Artist with the goal in life to create and visualize mankind's imagination through motion pictures. VFX for movies, TV shows, music videos, commercials and even video games.

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Alldin's News

Posted by Alldin - April 2nd, 2015

Hello Newgrounds people !

Its been a while, so just keep some people updated what's been going on.
I moved to Norway, got fulltime job as a 3D Producer & VFX Artist.
Working on projects alot, barley got time to update anything here on NG.
I recently just posted a new artwork of my Audi R8 model, theres more to show but not yet!

Its cold here in Norway, but I like it! =)

Posted by Alldin - September 24th, 2014

In July I got to work on LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy at Sir Lancelot studio.
This was a cinema commercial that was shown at the premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but only in the US.

The team spent much time working on the Lego characters, environment and beautiful backgrounds.
I worked in the explosion shots with some huge smoke simulation and rendertime in a short time.

Click on the Vimeo link to see it!
Lego Guardians of the Galaxy: http://vimeo.com/103412980


Posted by Alldin - March 24th, 2014

I recently released the "White Tiger" commercial on my previous blog.
I thought now to show people a "making of" the commercial, for those who wish to see the process.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Enjoy :)

Posted by Alldin - March 20th, 2014

Here it is, White Tiger Energy Drink commercial that I worked on! Enjoy ! =)  


Posted by Alldin - February 1st, 2014

And so I got my commercial for "White Tiger Energy Tiger" finally delivered. I believe the commercial is planned to be on TV between March or April for a month or two. It's just a 15sec add. It may be short but it's all CG, the content of the seconds is what takes time to create. Shortly after the commercial is out, I'll upload a "Making of" for those who like to see how it was created! =) I updated my showreel where you guys can check out some clips from the commercial. I'll post a screenshot and a link here to my reel.4496999_139126704823_Scene01__00060_00000.png Showreel 2013:


Take care! =) Showreel 2013Alldin DautiVimeo


Posted by Alldin - November 13th, 2013

Hello everyone!

Last time I said that I worked on a Reebok commercial and also about to work on a energy drink commercial.
Good news is that they said yes for the White Tiger Energy Drink idea I had, and I'm almost done with that commercial.
Hopefully will be done by this week, so much to polish !

Anyway, while I was working on the Reebok I did also work on a commercial for GORE-TEX.
They had a new product coming out, so I got the opportunity to do visual effects on the commercial.

Im responsible for creating:
Particle effects, snow particles, wind/snow gust, snow debris.
Credits to the team who worked on the 3D models, rendering, light setups, recording, editing, compositing.

Here is the GORE-TEX PRO commercial:


Posted by Alldin - August 15th, 2013

It's been a while fellas!
Happy to see over 200 fans on my Newgrounds account, u guys are awesome!

I've been busy the past months with freelance VFX jobs.
I got the opportunity to work on 2 projects, one of them is a Reebok commercial !
I'll let you know what the other project was once I get permission from my boss.

I was responsible for creating:
Liquids, splashes, particle effects, steam, simulations, dynamics.

Right now I'm waiting for a company to approve my idea of storyboard and design for a commercial.
If they approve, I'll be working on a commercial for White Tiger Energy Drink !

Anyway fellas, for those who wants to see the Reebok commercial, just follow the link!


Back again! Commercial!

Posted by Alldin - March 12th, 2013

Alright nice I managed to get all projects done, I mentioned before about doing 3 projects with a brutal deadline.
Thankfully I got em all done !

I got some rest, right now doing some R&D (Research and development), perhaps learn new tweaks for FX =)

Once again thanks Newgrounds and you people for all comments and likes for The Ghost Pianist.
Im surprised how I managed to get 40,000 views in one week while my YouTube account has 14.000 views in 2 years.

So this is the right place to demonstrate some cool stuff for ya guys! =)

Here's a quick render I made in couple hours, just having fun working with 3D Studio Max =)

looks like germs to me... not sure what I was thinking while creating this lol.


Posted by Alldin - March 6th, 2013

Woow, from 30 fans to 116 from my video submission "The Ghost Pianist" ?!
You guys are awesome !!

Thank you Newgrounds and all people for voting my submissions and featuring it on the front page.

Do people really like this stuff?

Now my question remains if people like to see more of mesmerizing animations or simple short ones?
I personally prefer doing abstract/fantasy videos, because it's beautiful !

Anyway, just wanted to say that you guys are so awesome! =D

Posted by Alldin - February 27th, 2013

It's been a very busy month, doing 3 freelance jobs at the same time.
But I finally managed to get the hardest one done yesterday.

Doing visual effects for:
- Commercial premiere to a club that's celebrating its "20th Jubilee". Big event !
- Live show to a band so called "Think People" in Australia, visual effects being projected.
- And a intro to a show so called "Pearl of Persia".

The commercial is done, which has been lots of work for complicated shots.
Although I'm more into doing full CG animations than live action footage.

Deadline is this week, and I've put about 12 - 16 hours work every day almost entire February.

But that's for me now, hopefully I'll have time to start on something new and breathtaking projects =)

Take care fellas!